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My Passage to Indian Cuisine

I started my career back in India in Food Technology. I worked in food fields in India and later in Saudi Arabia. As a child I was always in the kitchen helping my mother with preparing ingredients and sneaking in to the hot pots for a taste steal at times. I always wanted to eat tasty food and feel bad when I encounter bland and tasteless food whether it is at a restaurant or in somebody's home. I believe the key to cooking tastefull food is testing and tasting often. A lot of chefs and home cooks are over-confident that whatever they cook will taste good as they see it but fail to taste several times during the cooking process to make sure the taste is matching the original dish and will be attractive to the people you prepared the dish for.

I switched my career to computers after I reached the United States in 1987 mainly working with mainframe computers in New York's finance industry. Still my craving to go back to the food field was active. I started working on an Indian spice blend line called 'India's Spice N Flavor' in 1995 and the products were brought to market in 1997. Our spice blends got several taste awards. The rising shipping cost within USA for our products was so high that it was not economical to continue the business. I learned a lot from that venture and still kept my food venture idea alive. Since quitting my job in 1998 from Smith Barney (Citibank) as a senior systems analyst, I dived into dot com business starting which my brother manages successfully.

I started a web design and hosting company in 2000 and for the last 15 years I had been helping small businesses to create websites, do SEO and do social media marketing. With the mobile capturing most of the audience, website business is no more important and profitable and I do not see any more avenues for my IT business to grow.

Now I have decided to try my cooking skills to provide healthy and flavorful Indian cuisine to residents of Silicon Valley. I am starting it slowly and small with handful of friends as clients. I hope to get an opportunity to cook some great dishes for you and your family soon. Please contact me how we can enjoy meals together.

Thank you


Tom Vellaringattu

San Jose, CA

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