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Spice n Flavor Food Travels to 4 Western US States every week feeding over 800 customers

We had been working with a Desi Cooked Food Sourcing and Distribution startup based in San Jose. Since last year I had been cooking Kerala and South Indian dishes for them every week to be included in the weekly Tiffin system. Over 800 customers order 8 or 12 or 16 - 12 oz containers of curries through Taro and get delivered by Fedex to cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Reno, Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle and Portland.

It is a challenge to cut, prepare and cook more than 600 containers of food (some weeks it goes to 1000 containers) from my kitchen. Weekends are very busy time for me as I have to cook bulk quantities of food items for Taro while serving my local customers. It is a nice feeling that I can touch the mind and body of 100s of customers

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